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(STRUMiS) Technology to Track your Build

All of our manufacturing operations are controlled by STRUMiS tracking software that helps us to maintain stringent management of all of our steel fabrication processes. STRUMiS gives our clients complete visibility and full transparency of projects from start to finish, in real-time.

We Are Global

Viva Engineering has proudly served its clients in the steel fabrication industry since 2006, and is globally recognized for its international standards and involvement in some of the industry’s most impressive projects. Viva Engineering has a proven track record as a reliable global sourcing partner to numerous international clients. Benefitting from Viva Engineering’s expertise in manufacturing and project execution, our clients’ have successfully completed projects in Africa and around the world.

Viva Engineering Leon Pretorius

We Are Certified

  • Viva Engineering is ISO 9001:2015 certified, aligning our work with international manufacturing standards
  • Our team features highly skilled & qualified boilermakers and internationally coded welders
  • Winner of multiple South African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC) Awards for project excellence

Reputation for Top Quality

Our quality team supervises and inspects each and every assembly throughout the manufacturing and installation process to ensure that we deliver projects that strictly meet our clients’ specifications.

Delivering to the highest standards, Viva Engineering boasts a come-back rate of less than 0.2%.

Viva Engineering Rutherford Modiba
Viva Engineering Tammy Cronje

Health and Safety

Because we believe that integrity and professionalism starts at home, we place huge importance on the safety and wellbeing of our own employees. Safety is our ultimate core value. We regard safety as a team effort, and as everybody’s responsibility. We consider safety in everything we do.

We’re Reducing Our Environmental Impact

Being true to our own commitment to preserve the environment, Viva Engineering has taken a number of steps to reduce our impact on the environment:

Viva Engineering PV Solar Icon

We’ve installed a PV Solar Power system to run our entire operations 45% off-the-grid during the day

Viva Engineering Raw Materials Icon

We recycle 100% of the remnants of our fabrication processes

Viva Engineering Mara Lize Fourie

Developing our people

Viva Engineering is committed to developing and enhancing the skills of its people to grow and develop both our communities and our company. We create jobs in the steel fabrication and construction industry and transfer skills into new hands, in order to promote further enterprise development.

Viva Cares - Our CSR Initiatives

We care passionately about our people and the South African community as a whole. We’re committed to playing our part in helping our nation move forward, and have continuously invested into initiatives we believe are critical to creating a better future for all:

Viva Engineering Bursaries Icon

Employment Equity programs to develop our own staff, helping them to grow

Viva Engineering Learnership Icon

Learnerships for a number of Youth Employment (YES) candidates

Viva Engineering Sponsorship Icon

Sponsorship for the learnership of four disabled learners

Viva Engineering Redevelopment Program Icon

Bursaries for the education and boarding of two previously disadvantaged students at the historic Jeppe High School for Boys, Johannesburg

Viva Engineering Employment Equity Icon

Sponsorship for the Refilwe Kwena-Molapo Pre-School redevelopment program in Johannesburg, enriching the lives of 75 children per year

Viva Engineering Self Sustaining Farming Icon

We are currently partnering with the Refilwe community to implement a self-sustaining farming program


Viva Engineering Be the Change You Seek

Commitment to Transformation

Viva Engineering is committed to transformation with 51% of ownership black-owned and 30.6% black-women-owned. Viva Engineering boasts a procurement level 3 and our Enterprise Development company, Batho Pele, has an impressive procurement level 2.

Viva Engineering 2mm Tolerance