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MMD Mineral Sizing (Africa)

MMD Mineral Sizing (Africa)(Pty) Ltd has appointed Batho Pele as our fabricator for various mining projects since 2013.

We continue to work with Batho Pele as a result of their track record over the years to deliver projects / manufactured goods on time as per the agreed project timeline; provide quality workmanship and quality assurance on fabricated items; provide a dedicated Project Manager which ensures achieving project milestones and enables a single line communication channel; communicate major project risks during project initiation which enabled MMD to mitigate/eliminate the project risks in a timely manner; manage large bulk orders which mitigates the risk of “bottlenecking” in the production line; execute abnormal trial assemblies successfully as per MMD’s requirements and work as a team communicating drawing/manufacturing related matters timeously which enables MMD to investigate, modify and eliminate the design risk

The trail assembly of this ROM primary tip bin was really impressive. The bin was trial assembled safely in Batho Pele’s yard which resulted in no site installation problems and another successful project.

Janis Lombard
MMD Mineral Sizing (Africa)

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