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FLSmidth – Plant Systems

FlSmidth’s experience in dealing with Viva Engineering as their steel fabricator for their ug projects as well as their highly competitive fabrication pricing made them the obvious choice during the adjudication in a tender for a dome steel structure for a stockpile cover for one of our clients. We knew we had to partner with a fabricator that will provide something more than the average steel fabricator. We needed someone that understood the complexities of the structure that would have to be designed and fabricated keeping in mind that the structure would have been erected safely in an operational production area of the client’s operations.

Viva Engineering was enthusiastic and creative during the partnership, from the onset we interacted and looked at different design approaches, fabrication requirements, and most importantly construction limitations and considerations to ultimately develop the best possible design that limited production interruption but also allowed the construction company to erect the structure safely. Viva listened to the constructor’s concerns during the design phase (Construction Risk Assessments) and made practical suggestions to the design and construction philosophy that would aid the constructor in erecting the structure safely.

Due to the short erection window, we had to ensure that all the steel components fitted precisely and within tolerance limits, for this we had to do trial assembly of the main portions of the structure. The problem with this was, that due to the physical size of the structure, even trial assembling a portion of the structure proved to be a challenge due to the real estate required to do this. Viva however did not shy away and was able to find a suitable area big enough to safely perform the trial assembly. The trial assembly was done seamlessly with minimal tweaks required. The steel was then shipped across the border to our client’s site on time. The efforts in the early involvement of Viva in the project showed, and the structure was built in time without a single injury on the constructor’s side. The client was very satisfied with the result and it is truly a very impressive structure to behold.

I would like to thank the entire Viva team for your positive energy, can do attitude, professionalism and commitment to deliver on time. It is a great experience when your partners are just as serious about your projects as you are.

Martin Kruger
Engineering Manager
FLSmidth – Plant Systems

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