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Kanawha Scales & Systems, Inc.

Kanawha Scales & Systems has done business with Viva Engineering for nearly a decade, which includes projects ranging from USD$10,000 to >USD$1,000,000. In each instance, we’ve had prompt and professional results beginning with the tendering phase and all the way through to project execution.

The need for a reliable vendor and partner while managing critical project components when several time zones are away is absolutely critical. Reliability is something that Viva has commonly shown through our projects.

Besides work in South Africa, KSS has a global footprint and we have found that Viva Engineering meets or exceeds the required quality standards while remaining cost competitive.

Good-natured staff and pleasant interactions are common when projects are going well, it’s when projects are not going well that the true test comes. Whenever the team at Viva Engineering is presented with a challenge they stand behind their work and always strive to present actionable solutions.

Larry Wigal
Director of Technical Services
Kanawha Scales & Systems, Inc.

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