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What design packages do your Engineering partners use?

Our Engineering partners use Master Series and Robot, both of which integrate seamlessly into Tekla

Can you model our conveyors?

Yes, we have successfully completed a number of projects where we have modelled the project for our client before the client designs the work.

Do you fabricate from free issued shop detailed drawings?

Yes we do, but we would prefer our internal drawing office to assist in your detailing requirements

What files are needed to import into Tekla?

Flle types supported by Tekla include: IFC, STEP, IGES

Are you using the latest version of Telka?

We pride ourselves that all our software licences are up to date

Do you fabricate Platework?

Yes, we have a workshop bay dedicated to platework fabrication – chutes, hoppers, bins and tanks, all of various sizes can be fabricated

Do you manufacture plate girders?

We have a dedicated plate girder bay with submerged arc welding

Would you be able to assist with Stainless Steel items?

Yes we would be able to assist with Stainless Steel manufacturing

Do you have your own machine shop?

We have partnered with a sizeable machine shop to be of service to our clients.

Do you install your own work?

Yes we do. We have a highly skilled and experienced team for on-site installations, which we can deploy as needed

Can you do workshop trial assembly?

Viva have a dedicated rigging crew which does workshop trial assemblies.

What is your workshop crane capacity?

Our workshop crane capacities per bay are: Bay 1= 1x5T, Bay 2 = 1x5T, Bay 3 = 2×7.5T, Bay 4 = 1x5T 1x10T

Are you able to do assist with a small rush job?

Yes, our team is ready to assist clients in any way we can – no job is too big or too small or deadline too tight – we will always make plan to help you complete your project

What is your current workload and future workload?

Our workload is continually changing. Please complete the contact below and we will be in touch to discuss further

Do you have your own painting facility?

No, we have partnered with selected corrosion protection contractors who have established Quality Assurance systems. Viva Quality department independently verify that work is completed to specification.

Do you have a Project Management division?

Yes , every client/project is supported by one of our dedicated Project Managers who is responsible for your project from the kick-off meeting until the project is signed off and handed over.

Can you accommodate other contractors to do work on modular assemblies?

Yes, we are able to schedule and accommodate activities of E&I and piping contractors in our workshop. Safety is priority, so all safety appointments and inductions need to be completed before work can start.

Can you quote for supply and fitting of abrasion resistant linings?

Yes, this is a frequent requirement on most of our projects. The linings we handle include hard wearing steel liners, ceramic lining & rubber lining. This function is carefully integrated with corrosion protection of the platework.

Have you got experience in packing and securing materials that are being exported from South Africa?

Yes, approximately 83% of our work is exported. We have a dedicated packing crew who expertly pack to ensure your product arrives on site in the condition it leaves our workshop.

Do you deal with Bureau Veritas?

Yes. The majority of countries we export to require Bureau Veritas inspections and verification before loading

How do you pack containers?

We have developed a unique skid system which optimises container stuffing and ensures items can be safely removed from containers once on site.

I'm a client in Europe and want to minimise inspections at your workshop.

We have many clients who are not based in South Africa. We have a regular reporting system which gives our international clients complete visibility and transparency of the work at every step