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Joining the family – a career at Viva Engineering

Our people are our greatest asset, and to this end we care for our people and empower them at every opportunity. We focus on leading our teams to success via ethical business practice, social contribution, work performance excellence and a sense of community.

At Viva Engineering, we have a set of core values which supports our vision, shapes our culture and is the essence of who we are. These values are:

About Viva Engineering


Determined. Persistent. Selfless. Respectful.

At Viva Engineering we show up with the attitude and determination to win. We are driven and passionate about making our company #1. We recognise that we will only be the industry leader when we go the extra mile to help our clients and build their trust, because we know that when they win, we win. Clients first! We are open minded and respectful to each other’s perspectives and those of our client’s.

Be the Change You Seek


Innovation. Continuous Improvement. Future Thinking.

At Viva Engineering we have the courage and resourcefulness to spark change – to innovate and improve our products, our processes and our projects for a sustainable future. We know and embrace continuous innovation and improvement, which is a shared responsibility amongst our team.

2mm Tolerance World


Detailed. Systematic. Disciplined.

We operate in a 2mm tolerance world, measuring twice and cutting once. We are focused on the details, work to systems and are organised from start, to finish, with resolve. Even the most minute detail is important, because when we deliver projects, they must be delivered on time, at the right quality and with zero comebacks.

Viva Engineering Family Icon


Teamwork. Skills. Knowledge. Experience.

We know that to deliver international-quality projects, we need to work as a team. Our people have world class skills, and we are dedicated to using our skills, knowledge and experience to delight our customers. The difference between ‘us’ and ‘them’, is our people.

Safety is 1


Safety – Ours and Yours.

At Viva Engineering we know there are no second chances! Safety is a team effort, it is everybody’s responsibility and is considered in everything we do. There is no priority higher than safety… no matter what. Our people are our greatest asset, as are yours, and their safety is our #1 priority.

The Viva Engineering family has grown and evolved since its inception in 2006. We’re humbled and delighted to say that 75% of our current employees have been with us for 8 years, or more.

Viva Engineering is committed to being a fair employer. We value our staff and the individual contributions they make every day in their individual roles. We listen, and we care.

Tangible Benefits of Working at Viva Engineering

We understand the importance of investing into the growth of our people, and so we have set out to create an environment that nurtures learning and development through various initiatives. We also provide personal and professional support for our employees, to help them excel at the daily demands that they face at work and at home.

These include:

Management Development Training

Fair treatment for all

Occupational training and upskilling

Counselling and therapy

An attractive Incentive scheme

Frequent recognition and validation of service through incentives and certificates

Birthday celebrations and regular staff brunches

A sense of camaraderie across all occupational levels

Onboarding Assessments highlighting areas for growth and development

The Right Fit

The people who excel at Viva Engineering are vibrant and tenacious individuals who want to win. They are energetic and solutions-driven, resilient in times of stress and have an affinity for the core values of the company.

Our people thrive on creativity, sharing ideas and enjoy rising to the challenges of meeting a deadline while impressing clients with exceptional service and quality.

If you’re looking to join a team who works together with enthusiasm and dedication, please complete the form below.

Even if we’re not hiring right away, we’re always on the look-out with the best talent and like-minded people.

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Commitment to Transformation

Viva Engineering is committed to transformation with 51% of ownership black-owned and 30.6% black-women-owned. Viva Engineering boasts a procurement level 4 and our Enterprise Development company, Batho Pele, has an impressive procurement level 2.